Mutant and proud
Unless it’s Edward Cullen lol

This is what a phone sounds like in a bunch of different languages.It’s my birthday next week so if you’re looking for what to buy me, a hot-dog phone is pretty much top of the list.
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  • Me: *calmly blogging*
  • Marvel: *releases Cap America Trailer 2*
  • Fandom: *assembles*
  • Me: *furiously blogging*
  • Fandom: *furiously giffing*
  • Marvel: *releases Spider Man Trailer*
  • Me: *becomes unhinged*
  • Fandom: *implodes*
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Watching a Chinese movie and knitting. Good way to end a lazy day. #Soyoung #Zhaowei #Hangeng #Chinesemovie

Prized Perennials Dress in Sand

This dress is so stunning~~~~~

Betsey Johnson Bow Detail Ponte Fit & Flare Dress
Heart it on Wantering and get an alert when it goes on sale.

I want oneeeee

This actually made me fucking cry.

So deep!
Thử tính năng mention



hanoiwanderingdiaries chào cậu *vẫy vẫy*

Có tính năng mention ư… :O làm như thế nào vậy??? *vẫy vẫy*

Cậu có dùng app tumblr trên smart phone không? Update lên là có tính năng đấy luôn. Ấn “@” xong rồi ấn tên là được hanoiwanderingdiaries Như Facebook với twitter ý :))

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Thử tính năng mention

hanoiwanderingdiaries chào cậu *vẫy vẫy*

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If only I had made use of that chance to get closer to him…
You make me smile, once again, after a disastrous time

I suddenly realise it was you who made me smile after a difficult time once again. It has always been no other but you.
You know, I don’t ever need a thousand people to like my photo. One click of yours is enough for me. Knowing that you spare one second on me is enough for me…
I know this will get nowhere. I’m just a girl you came across centuries ago. And I’m sure I’ll fall for another guy in no time. But I just can’t ignore that crazy coincidence… Can’t do it…

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